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About Futures

Futures CFD are priced directly

Futures CFD are priced directly from the underlying futures markets, with commissions, financing charges and dividend adjustments all built into the spread itself. Agile Global LTD offers competitive spreads across all of our Future CFDs.

The following table shows our selection of global Futures CFDs

Index Symbol
ICE Dollar Index Futures DXY
CBOE VIX Index Futures VIX
Brent Crude Oil Futures BRENT
WTI Crude Oil Futures WTI

Futures Overview

Futures are one of the most popular form of CFDs. Agile Global LTD offer a range of Futures from around the world, including ICE Dollar Index and CBOE VIX Index. Online Futures based CFDs are offered exclusively on Agile Global LTD' MetaTrader 5 Platform.


The Futures Facts

  • 1. 4 Global Futures available to trade

  • 2. No commissions

  • 3. Up to 1:200 leverage

  • 4. Deep Liquidity

  • 5. MetaTrader 5

  • 6. Trade 24/5

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