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About Stocks

Trading in share CFDs

Trading in share CFDs provides you with access to the stock market of some of the larger, well-known companies such as Amazon.

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of trading CFDs, as the trader is therefore shielded from any negative corporate events, such as bankruptcy or company collapse.

Stocks are available exclusively on the Agile Global LTD MetaTrader 5 platform which offers advanced functionalities for both new and experienced traders who require world class execution and superior charting tools.


Stocks Overview

Trade over 1700 large-cap Stocks CFDs across the ASX, NYSE and NASDAQ stock exchanges with superior
execution and tight pricing exclusively on the Agile Global LTD MetaTrader 5 platform.


The Stocks Facts

  • 1. 1700+ stocks


  • 3. Ultra fast execution

  • 4. Earn dividends

  • 5. MetaTrader 5

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How does Stock CFD Trading work?

Stock trading involves buying or selling a share of ownership in an individual company listed on an exchange such as the ASX or NASDAQ. Stocks are typically traded without leverage and through a stock exchange. Stock CFDs however can be traded using leverage and are done so over-the-counter (OTC). Participants are able to access stocks of individual companies, building positions in an individual company or in a specified sector of the economy.

Participants often build strategies with diversification in mind to diversify away unsystematic risk across a number of companies or a range of sectors. Investors may choose to build positions in defensives if they are predicting volatility. Similarly, investors may decide to build a portfolio around a growth strategy consisting of small to mid-cap technology stocks.

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