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Bosco Apple Fruit

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Prepare to embark on a sensory journey with the Bosco Apple, a fruit that transcends the ordinary and promises an unparalleled taste experience. These apples are nothing short of nature’s masterpiece, celebrated for their distinctive blend of flavors and their captivating visual allure.

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Mr. Satish Ingale

Chairman & Managing Director SLM

Greetings of Wellness from SLM!
A Little Story About Us: Samarth Success Life Marketing Pvt. Ltd. (SSLM) started its operations in 2016, headquartered at Rahuri with its corporate office based in Pune. It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified and Government Certified Direct Selling Company. With the Core Values - Responsibility, Integrity, System First, Excellence, Unity , Passion “RISE-UP”. Today SSLM has many researched health products amongst other needs based products that will ensure physical and psychological well-being of people.

About Me

We all understand that life is unpredictable and full of uncertainty. The pandemic has made this point abundantly evident. Whether you acknowledge it or not, we are silently a part of the so-called modern-day lifestyle, which has resulted in an unparalleled assault on junk food, serious difficulties of contaminated water, and a badly damaged environment. As a result, human health has grown increasingly precarious. This type of chaotic lifestyle clearly encourages a slew of illnesses and a lot of resources - time, money, and effort have been invested in contemporary medical therapy, which may only exacerbate the problem.

Since its inception, Samarth Success Life Marketing has been committed to providing natural, unique, and value-for-money items that are free of chemicals and pesticides at an affordable price. Today, we offer over 300 premium quality products in the health and wellness, genetic testing, infant care, personal care, pet care, home care, kitchen care, alkaline water, and agro care categories, with most of them available at an extraordinary 'Buy 1 Get 1 Free' price. Yes, we are currently known for our high-quality, result-oriented products.

As a result, the full credit is due to your continuous support for our objective. I thus encourage you to join us in our effort to bring Samarth Success Life Marketing to every household in India. Samarth Success Life Marketing goods will not only address many current health concerns and assist you in maintaining excellent health, but will also offer you with a great platform to become a 21st century wellness entrepreneur. Samarth Success Life Marketing has a steadfast corporate aim of being one of India's top five direct selling enterprises by FY 2025-26, while strictly following to The Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules 2021. We are already moving forward with this enormous idea. I encourage you to join this revolution.

We are glad to claim that SLM is synonymous with 'Quality Products with Results' and, above all, 'Optimum Customer Satisfaction', which is extremely tough to achieve. Rest certain that the heritage of providing high-quality, results-oriented products will continue indefinitely. Our success would not have been achieved without your proactive support.

Personal Skills

Talk to the person who directed you to our website to learn about the simple process of registering with Success Life Marketing. I look forward to your constructive involvement and participation.

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